Elevate Banking Compliance with Dynamic KYC Solutions

In response to the growing need for secure and efficient verification in the finance sector, ezto verify helps validate document authenticity in real time. This robust online verification solution ensures regulatory compliance, minimizes manual errors, and accelerates the verification process.


In Banking and Finance, ezto verify elevates

aadhaar verification bank account opening
Account Opening
Account Opening

Online ID verification streamlines the account opening process by swiftly confirming customer identities and complying with KYC regulations, enhancing security and convenience. 

Loan Applications

Financial institutions use online ID verification to authenticate applicant’s identities and assess creditworthiness efficiently, reducing fraud risk and expediting loan processing. 

identity verification financial services
Loan Applications
voter id verification credit card application
Credit Card Applications
Credit Card Applications

Credit card companies employ online ID verification to confirm applicant’s identities and assess credit eligibility, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud. 

Transaction Monitoring

Monitor the transaction and include identity check dynamically based on the location and quantity of the fund being transferred. 

pan verification financial transaction
Transaction Monitoring

How ezto verify's ID Verification works?

ID Configuration

Configuring the user IDs required for verification.

Document Submission

Users submit their identification documents through the platform.

Data Validation

The API validates by cross-referencing the uploaded IDs with the platform's database.

Outcome Provision

The API generates the desired verification outcome based on the validation results.

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