Ensure Authenticity in Online Marketplace

In today’s technological era, the rise of fraudulent methods poses hypothetical threats to online marketplaces. ezto verify’s Identity Verification ensures authenticity of users which guarantees secure login and transaction process, thereby fostering a secure marketplace ecosystem.


In Online Marketplace, ezto verify elevates

ezto verify seller account creation
Seller Account Creation
Seller Account Creation
Online marketplaces verify seller’s identity documents such as national ID card, and GST certificate during the onboarding process. This helps to comply with regulatory requirements and foster a secure and reliable e-commerce environment.
Account Login
Online marketplaces validate users through biometrics, FIDO, or WhatsApp verification for enhanced protection. This ensures a secure login process which reduces the risk of unauthorized access.
ezto verify account login
Account Login
ezto verify payment confirmation
Payment Confirmation
Payment Confirmation
Online marketplaces employ additional verification methods like biometrics and liveness check for payment confirmation. This guarantees a secure payment process and protects against unauthorized transactions.

How ezto verify Works?

ID Configuration

Configuring the user IDs required for verification.

Document Submission

Users submit their identification documents through the platform.

Data Validation

The API validates by cross-referencing the uploaded IDs with the platform's database.

Outcome Provision

The API generates the desired verification outcome based on the validation results.

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