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Telecom and Utilities sectors verifies the customer identities during service activation to prevent unauthorized usage and adhere to regulatory standards. ezto verify expedites this process by accurately verifying identities, enhancing security measures.

Use Cases

In Telecommunication, ezto verify elevates

new service activation
New Service Activation
New Service Activation

Telecom and utility providers verify customer identities for new services. ezto verify’s ID verification ensures only legitimate individuals set up accounts, preventing unauthorized access.

SIM Card Registration

Telecom operators verify customer IDs for KYC compliance to enhance security. ezto verify streamlines ID verification, meeting regulations.

sim card registration
SIM Card Registration
identity verification address proof
Address Verification
Address Verification

Accurate addresses are crucial for billing and service delivery. ezto verify aids providers in verifying customer addresses, ensuring services are delivered correctly and reducing communication errors.

How ezto verify's ID Verification works?

ID Configuration

Configuring the user IDs required for verification.

Document Submission

Users submit their identification documents through the platform.

Data Validation

The API validates by cross-referencing the uploaded IDs with the platform's database.

Outcome Provision

The API generates the desired verification outcome based on the validation results.

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